Election présidentielle au Nigéria : Interview du candidat BUHARI Muhammadu

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Par RADIO GERDDES FM Réalisée par Me Sadikou Ayo ALAO et Dr Tundji ABAYOMI Interview de : Mme Kawsarath KOLAWOLE Traducteur : Mr Emile TESSY     Texte de l’interview en anglais As part of the presidential campaign in Nigeria, the radio channel GERDDES FM 89.5 MHZ owned by the NGO GERDDES Africa based in Danmè Lokonon in the town of Akpro-Missérété, conducted an interview with one of the candidates. This is Mr. Muhammadu BUHARI. We offer here exclusively the entire interview with Kawsarath KOLAWOLE and translated into French by Mr Emile TESSY under the supervision of the Chief Editor Mr Eric AKOGBE. The questions were proposed by Barrister Sadikou Ayo ALAO, Founder of GERDDES Africa and promoter of GERDDES FM. Question1 : What is the program to tackle Boko Haram issue when you are elected ? The Boko Haram issue basically threatens the security and peaceful living as well as the right of learning citizens to life in Nigeria especially in the Northern and Eastern parts of Nigeria. And there is fear that, unless the problem is contained or controlled, it may spread to other parts of the country. As you are well aware, there have been incidents in Abuja, in Kano as well as suspected incidents in Lagos. And in addition to the threat it poses to Nigeria, Boko Haram also poses an imminent threat to regional security as it has extended its operations to countries like Niger and Chad. Therefore there is a need for West African countries and indeed the African countries and the world to pay serious attention and deal with this very negative development. Question2: What is your ambition to reinforce our regional organization ECOWAS? I believe that regional organizations have become even more important than before especially with regard to real principal issues, regional security, regional development as well as protection of human migration and commercial interactions in Africa. I think Africa in particular can learn from other areas, other parts of the world like Europe; for example, we find a situation where regional organizations are able to come to the aid of wrecked nations in regions. So, regional organization, in my view, is important and material for the growth and stability of countries in our ties. Question3: What is your program to reinforce the relations between Benin Republic and Nigeria? The relationship between Benin Republic and Nigeria is a relationship of brothers and sisters. As you are well aware, a lot of people in Benin Republic are related to Nigerians by blood. In addition to that, they share the culture as well as geographical environment together. Therefore it is essential, especially considering the exchange of relationships and commerce as well as the movements of...

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